Palmer Ranch is probably one of the most impressive developments in the real estate domain in the Sarasota County. Located between Sarasota and Osprey, the community is a very modern one, with gorgeous properties and plenty of luxurious green surroundings that makes it look like a real oasis of peace and comfort. It can be accessed through Clark Road, Tamiami Trail, and Interstate 75, many people dreaming about living here due to the exclusivist air this community has. It is enough to take a look at how this community looks and you will definitely fall in love with it. Due to the investments that have been made here and the way this place looks now, it can be indeed considered one of the gems of the Sarasota County.


Until the 1800s, the land where Palmer Ranch lies today was just an empty land, a place where palmettos and palm trees called home. The history of this community starts when Bertha Palmer came to Sarasota, in 1910, and changed the way this part of the county looked like. Bertha Palmer was knows as the “Queen of Chicago”, being the wife of Potter Palmer, a multi-millionaire that left her an impressive heritage after his passing away, of more than $8 million. After finding out about Sarasota Bay in a newspaper advertisement, Bertha came to this place. It was enough one single visit for her to want to purchase land in this area, buying no less than 80,000 acres in Sarasota, becoming this way the biggest land owner in the entire history of the city. She was also helped by her social status when establishing a community here, creating one that had 850 inhabitants.

She was the one that created and developed what is today known as Palmer Ranch, although its initial destination was not a community for people. On the land Bertha bought here, she started a cattle farm and orange groves. She is also known for bringing a revolutionary method into the agriculture of Florida, which helped solve the problem of cattle ticks in the area. But, Bertha Palmer did not stay too long in Sarasota, passing away after eight years in the area, joining her husband in eternity. Still, even so, she managed to leave a print into the area, her traces being visible even today, as the community is keeping her memory alive, one example being the Honore Avenue, which bears her maiden name. Also, there are several cattle around the outskirts of Palmer Ranch, as a reminder of the way this area ended up being developed.

Palmer Ranch in present days

The cattle ranch created by Bertha Palmer was just an impulse that stirred the desire to develop the area even more in the vision of many people. Today, it stands as an impressive master planned community, having everything needed for a comfortable and modern lifestyle. Home to 20 neighborhoods that are all different, Palmer Ranch provides properties for all budgets and preferences.

Here you can find condos that have the lowest possible level of maintenance or estates that can cost millions of dollars. It is just a matter of personal preference and available budget, because you can find anything you may be looking for here.

Among the benefits of living in Palmer Ranch is the possibility of playing golf. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy any of the three gated golf communities in the area, which provide the conditions and services they are looking to get. Shopping is also highly available here, besides smaller shops that can be found throughout the neighborhoods, The Westfield Sarasota Square Mall provides and all-in-one experience to shoppers, bringing some of the most appreciated brands and shops in America to Palmer Ranch. Do you feeling like dining out in the evening? Well, the community has plenty restaurants to choose from, depending on the food you want to serve.

Steakhouses, Mexican, and even Italian cuisines are available, a considerable number of restaurants waiting to satisfy their clients’ need for delicious dishes and impeccable services. The community is also perfect for families with children, as there are several great schools to choose from, depending on the age of the children. And, living in Sarasota is not complete if you do not have the possibility to enjoy a day at the beach. Luckily, some of the most beautiful beaches are in the area, which make Palmer Ranch one of the most sought after and desired destinations for relocation in Florida.

What to do in Palmer Ranch

Golfing at the exclusive TPC Prestancia golf club

Some Scottish settlers brought golf into the area and it stuck ever since. Several gated golf communities emerged in time, one of them being the Prestancia community. TPC Prestancia is a private golf club that has two 18-hole courses in pristine shape. The clubhouse has a beautiful Mediterranean-style architecture, providing a professional golf store, locker rooms for members, together with dinning and bar services. Because this is a private club, fees will be required, but if you prefer high-quality services and the privacy offered by such a club, you will definitely find yourself at home here and won’t mind the fees involved in such cases. After all, you will invest in your wellbeing and happiness, and in the possibility of enjoying a great time. Besides golf, this club can also offer the possibility of swimming, playing tennis, and enjoying fitness facilities.

Serve dinner at Puccini’s Italian Romantic Restaurant

If you want to get out of the ordinary pattern when it comes to food, it is worth trying the Italian cuisine served at the Puccini’s Italian Romantic Restaurant. It is great to have the possibility to taste amazing Italian food in Florida, which is a perfect combination of healthy and fresh ingredients. Be ready to indulge your senses with seafood, pastas, and more, spiced with specific Italian herbs, olive oil, and other ingredients that make the Italian cuisine one of the most appreciated in the world. And when the chef is so talented, just like the one you will find at this restaurant, you will definitely enjoy an unforgettable evening.

Take the bike on the Legacy Trail

Exercising in the outdoor is the perfect method not only to stay fit, but also to maintain your health in a great shape. The perfect weather that is always present in the entire Sarasota County gives you numerous opportunities of spending time outside, like enjoying a bike ride. The Legacy Trail is actually an old railroad track section with a length of 12.4 miles. This railroad line represented the first form of transportation into the area for the first inhabitant, remaining today just a piece of history that reminds people how everything started here. Of course, the sector was slowly rehabilitates since 2006, so it could be turned into a path for walking, biking, or rollerblading. So, however you look at it, this trail is perfect to enjoy some time outside, contemplating the nature and a small part of the local history.

Things to see in Palmer Ranch

Go to the Potter Park

The Potter Park is a great place for spending time and having fun. Located on the Potter Park Drive, the YMCA is the pool where the Sarasota Sharks are training, which is the swimming team of the county that represents the area in swimming competitions. Besides the pool, you will also find a facility for fitness, handball, baseball, and tennis courts, a wall for rock climbing activities, a center for teens, and even a water park. And considering that the mall is right in the area, you can easily call it a day and enjoy it in the most pleasant way possible.

The day can be beautiful at the Siesta Key Beach

After driving for only 15 minutes, you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful Siesta Key Beach, where you can spend your day basking in the sun and swimming in the calm waters. Rated as one of the best beaches in American, it is definitely worth coming here, to enjoy its fine sands. All you have to do is get over the other side on the barrier island of Siesta Key, passing the bridge at the Stickney Point. There are a few miles that separate the Palmer Ranch neighborhood and the Siesta Key Beach, but it is not mission impossible to find it, as it is one of the most popular beaches in the area. After all, this is Florida and it doesn’t feel right if you don’t have access to the gorgeous beaches this state has.